Dynojet Dynamometer


Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, Dynojet’s Model 200 Dynamometer allows you to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems.

By simulating the best ”seat-of-the-pants” road testing right in the shop, problems are easily diagnosed in a fraction of the time.

Shop sales, service work, and credibility all benefit with a Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer.

A chassis dynamometer accommodates an entire vehicle and allows operation of its power train while the vehicle remains stationary. The Motorcycle is attached to the Dyno with tie-down devices and its drive wheel sits on a metal roller or a pair of rollers. The rollers are connected to whatever measuring system the dyno uses to test the drive wheel output.

”So what can a ‘DYNO’ do for my bike’s performance?” When the computer generated graphics are analyzed by DYNOJET factory ‘techs’…


It will detect horsepower robbing problems such as:

  • rich or lean conditions
  • bad battery or charging condition
  • tight valve clearances
  • clutch slippage
  • bad chain or sprockets


It will show you horsepower & torque differences when you make changes to your bike:

  • jetting changes
  • after market exhaust systems
  • big bore kits
  • cams or cam timing
  • porting & polishing
  • carbs
  • etc.


It will show you the optimum RPM’s to shift at:

  • improve your gas mileage
  • improve your engine performance
  • improve your racing times and results



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