1981 KAWASAKI KZ650 CSR Motorcycle $1295

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Year: 1981
Make: Kawasaki
Model: KZ650 CSR
Mileage: 29,346
Class: Cruiser/Street
Color: Black

Price: $ 1,295

Description: This Bike is a good cruiser.

Come see this beauty today!


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The Kawasaki Z650 was a motorcycle made by Kawasaki from 1976 through 1983. It had an engine displacement of 652 cc featuring a double overhead camshaft with two valves per cylinder. The gear box was a five speed.

The Z650 was introduced to the trade in 1976 as a 1977 model and was very popular. 64 bhp (48 kW) was claimed with a dry weight of only 465 lb (211 kg), making a top speed of nearly 120 mph (190 km/h) possible. But more importantly, this new model handled like no other Kawasaki. For once all the available power could be used in relative safety. The Z650 was considered the ‘Son of Z1’ having been designed by the Grand Master himself, Ben ‘Mr Z1’ Inamura. The Z650 had the agility of a 500 with the performance of a 750, and was considered by many to be the best Kawasaki so far.The Z650 marketed in North America as the KZ650.

1981 Z650-D4
This model was never sold in the UK. It was basically an SR version of the F2 model.

1981 Z650-F2
The F2 was much modified over the F1 model. It incorporated many of the larger Z750E parts. The motor used CDI ignition instead of points. The front end from the 750E was grafted on meaning a change to the brakes, front wheel and clocks, also the drive chain was changed to a 630 pitch 84 link chain, as opposed to the 530 pitch chain fitted to previous models. The kick-starter pedal and shaft was removed from the engine just like the Z750E. A passenger grab rail was also fitted.

1981-82 Z650-F3
There was one major change for 1981/82 F3 model, 32mm Mikuni CV carbs were fitted. These larger carbs allowed the redline to be lifted from 9,000 to 9,500 rpm. The larger 32 mm carbs also needed the accelerator cable and air box assembly from the Z750E/L models. The front fender was now also painted to match the rest of the bodywork. The drive chain was the bigger 630 chain as fitted to the Z650 F2 onwards & 13/33 front & rear sprockets . The indicators were changed from round to rectangular. Approximately 1,900 units were produced worldwide for this model.

1981-1983 KZ650 H1 H2 H3 (CSR)
The CSR, the new generation of Kawasaki cruisers. More based on the KZ750LTD/CSR than the KZ650SR. Like the earlier B-models they had wire-spoke wheels, single front disc brake and a drum brake at the rear wheel. The Front fork was leading axel with the front wheel in front of, not under the fork. This Model also had the North America only “Chopper Styling” which was the raised and swept back (Chopper) handlebars, the fuel tank had a rounder shape and the saddle much more sculptured.

1981 KZ650-H1
This was the first “CSR” model. Similar to the ’79 SR650-D2 but used wire spoke wheels and a single front disc brake. It had conventional carburetors and electronic ignition. The engine was based upon the E1/F1 model and it produced 60 hp. The tail light lens is round on the bottom.


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